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Yellow Rice (කහබත්)

Sri Lanka’s most favorite comfort food packed with authentic flavors

Rs. 360 upwards

Yellow Rice

Perfect Food

Get delivered your favorite heirloom lunch to your doorstep

Authentic Sri Lankan food

Our country is filled with its regional flavours while the cuisine is known for a rich combination of rice specialities, spices, herbs, seafood, seasonal vegetables and fruits and of course, legumes.

Sinhala Pickle (සිංහල අච්චාරු)

This pickle is wonderful with rice and curry.  A meal is not complete without a spoonful of this tasty sweet and spicy pickle



We at “Seyilama – සෙයිලම”, believe in bringing a balanced meal that is wholesome and hygienic to all our customers. “Goodness of village in town”.

The rich heritage of the Sri Lankan cuisine passed down for generations, enriched with heirloom food is believed to be the fuel that fed the most mouthwatering and nutritious food

Suwandel rice

This is an exquisite traditional white rice variety with a fine aroma which promotes a range of health benefits. This rice is sugar free and contains lower levels of carbohydrate and high content of dietary fibre. Suwandel is mostly known for it’s fragrant smell and milky flavour of this rice after cooking.

“ Well packed, Fast and reliable, Tasty food "

“ Sustainable packaging & Followed order notes "

“ Excellent value "


You can get it delivered to your preferred location with “Ubereats” and the “PickMe food”

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Attidiya, Colombo